Workshop “Information in HMI”

(Unintended) Information in Human-Machine Interaction
Implications on the Individual and Societal Level

21st – 23rd April 2021

Organized by the Emmy Noether Research Group “The Phenomenon of Interaction in Human-Machine Interaction” in cooperation with the Institute of Ethics, History and Theory of Medicine (LMU Munich) and the Research Cluster “digital_culture” (FernUniversität in Hagen)

Organizing Committee:
Orsolya Friedrich, Sebastian Schleidgen, and Andreas Wolkenstein

Current developments in bio-, neuro- and information technologies open up novel possibilities of interaction between humans and machines (HMI), posing great challenges for the individual as well as society. The workshop is dedicated to these challenges. Its focus lies on questions of describability, meaning and potential consequences of novel processes of information acquisition, transfer and exchange in the context of HMIs represented, e.g., by self-tracking devices, brain-computer interfaces and other AI-based technologies.

Book of Abstracts (PDF)

Wednesday, 21.04.2021

14:00 Welcome

Session 1: The Concept of Information in Informatics, Robotics, and the Sciences
(Moderation: Sebastian Schleidgen)

14:15 Klaus Mainzer (Munich): Human-Machine Interaction on the Way to AI-Supported Hybrid Cognitive Systems
15:00 Lars Johannsmeier (Munich): Connecting Humans, Robots and Learning. State of Things and Where to Go [Video]

15.45 Coffee Break

16:00 Hajo Greif (Warsaw): Augmented Reality. Natural Information in Artificial Environments [Video]

16:45 Concluding Discussion

17:30 Coffee Break

Keynote 1
(Moderation: Sebastian Schleidgen)

18:00 Pieter Adriaans (Amsterdam): Information and Interaction. A Philosophical Perspective on Two-Part Code Optimization and Self-Organizing Systems [Video]

19:30 Virtual Get Together

Thursday, 22.04.2021

Keynote 2
(Moderation: Andreas Wolkenstein)

8:30 Julian Savulescu (Oxford/Melbourne): The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence. Moral Machines [Video]

10:00 Coffee Break

Session 2: The Concept of Information in the Humanities
(Moderation: Selin Gerlek)

10:15 Philipp Kellmeyer (Freiburg): Understanding Human-AI Interactions.
A Hermeneutic and Phenomenological Perspective
11:00 Jörg Noller (Munich): Digitality, Virtuality, and Information [Video]

11:45 Coffee Break

12:00 Bert Heinrichs (Bonn): Aliens in the Space of Reasons? [Video]

12:45 Concluding Discussion

13:30 Lunch Break

Session 3: Ethics I
(Moderation: Andreas Wolkenstein)

14:30 Jan-Hendrik Heinrichs (Juelich): Why Digital Assistants Need Your Information to Support Your Autonomy [Video]
15:15 Vincent C. Müller (Eindhoven): Brain Surveillance. A Real Threat for Humans and for some Philosophical Views [Video]

16:00 Coffee Break

16:15 Matthias Uhl (Munich): How Machine Advice Shapes Our Moral Conduct [Video]

17:00 Concluding Discussion

17:45 Virtual Get Together

Friday, 23.04.2021

Keynote 3
(Moderation: Orsolya Friedrich)

8:30 Robert Sparrow (Melbourne): Slaves to the Algorithms? Algocracy and Republican Liberty [Video]

10:00 Coffee Break

Session 4: Ethics II
(Moderation: Galia Assadi)

10:15 Andreas Wolkenstein (Munich): Do Algorithm-Based Decisions Need to be Explainable? The Ethics of Algorithms Meets Social Epistemology [Video]
11:00 Brent Mittelstadt (Oxford): Bias Preservation in Fair Machine Learning [Video]

11:45 Coffee Break

12:00 Tereza Hendl & Bianca Jansky (Augsburg/Munich): A Matter of Justice. Why Digital Health Technologies Warrant an Intersectional Feminist Perspective [Video]

12:45 Concluding Discussion and Final Remarks